Join Us on the Rhode!

Among the many joys we have as we travel all over Rhode Island and even neighboring New England states is all the wonderful people we meet. There are people doing really great things and really beautiful places that you should know about it. So, we want to use this blog to tell you about those people and places. On these pages, we will introduce you to them, and help you get to know them. By doing so, we want to enrich your own exploration and experience of Rhode Island.

We also want to tell you more about us and our team. We want you to get to know each of us, so that when you come with us you will already feel that you are traveling with a friend. Along the way, you will meet all our tour guides, drivers and office personnel, and see that we are all people who love life, love people, and love Rhode Island.

In addition to this, we will use this space to highlight the many tours and experiences we offer, so you can get a better grasp of the great time that you can expect when you come with us. We want you to know the things you will be seeing and doing in the company of someone whose passion is to give you the very best day.

Further, at times we will use this space to tell you great stories about Rhode Island that will inspire you, and make you proud to say you were here. This is a unique and special place, and we want you to know why.

So, join us as we go On the Rhode and show you what’s great about the Ocean State!

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